The 2022 NALJ Foundation Fellowship Program has been announced. 

Deadline for submission is March 31, 2022.  Click here for details.

With the exceptions of 2017 and 2019, each year since 1993, NAALJ and its tax exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit affiliate, the National Administrative Law Judge Foundation (NALJF), have co-sponsored an annual writing competition on a topic of interest to the administrative judiciary.  Past fellowship award recipients, all of whom are listed below, have included many distinguished administrative law judges, hearing officers, and academicians, each of whose articles have been published in the Pepperdine Caruso Law Journal of NAALJ, a leading administrative law focused journal.  Over the years, the Journal has made significant contributions, including those of fellowship recipients, to the understanding and development of administrative law and adjudication.   

1992Professor John B. Forman, “Administrative Savings from Synchronizing Social

           Welfare Programs and Tax Provisions,” 13 J. NAALJ  1  (Spring 1993)

1993: Hon. John Hardwicke, “ The Central Hearing Agency: Theory and Implementation

           In Maryland," 14 J. NAALJ 1 (Spring 1994) 

1994Hon. Edwin L. Felter, Jr., “Administrative Adjudication Total Quality

           Management: The Only Way to Reduce Costs and Delays Without Sacrificing Due

           Process,” 15 J. NAALJ  5 (Spring 1995) 

1995: Hon. Gina L. Hale, “Professionalism: A Call to Excellence,”  6 J. NAALJ  5

           (Spring 1996) 

 1996: Hon. Ann Marshall Young, “Evaluation of Administrative Law Judges: Premises,

            Means, and Ends,” 17 J. NAALJ  1 (Spring 1997)


1997: Professor Christopher B. McNeil, “Similarities and differences between judges in the

           judicial branch and the executive branch: The further evolution of executive

           adjudications under the administrative central panel,” 18 J. NAALJ 1  (Spring 1998)

1998: R. Terence Harders, Striking a Balance: Administrative Law Judge Independence

           and Accountability,” 19 J. NAALJ  1 (Spring 1999) 

1999Professor Gregory L. Ogden, “The Role of Demeanor Evidence in Determining

           Credibility of Witnesses in Fact Finding: The Views of ALJ’s,” 20 J. NAALJ 1

           (Spring 2000)

2000: Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, “Improving Public Trust and Confidence in

           Administrative Adjudication: What an Administrative Law Judge Can Do,”

           21 J. NAALJ 1 (Spring 2001)

2001: The topic for the 2001 Fellowship was “Delegation of the Judicial Function from the

   Judicial Branch Courts to the ALJ: Administrative Law in the 21st Century.” The fellowship paper

           was not completed or published.

 2002Professor Phyllis E. Bernard, “The Administrative Law Judge as a Bridge Between

            Law and Culture,” 23 J. NAALJ 1 (Spring 2003)

 2003: The topic for the 2003 Fellowship was “Agency Heads and Adjudicatory Hearings.” No

           submissions were accepted for this topic.

2004:  Dean Harold Krent and Lindsay Duvall, “Accommodating ALJ

           Decisionmaking Independence with Institutional Interests of the

           Administrative Judiciary,” 25 J. NAALJ 1 (Spring 2005)

 2005: The topic for the 2005 Fellowship was “The Role of the Administrative Judiciary

           in Protecting Civil Liberties while the US Government Protects the Nation from

           Terrorist Attacks.”  No submissions were accepted for this topic.

2006Hon. John G. Farrell, “Administrative Alternatives to Judicial Branch Congestion,”

            27 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (Spring 2007)

2007:  Hon. Julian Mann,  III,  "Due Process; A Detached Judge; and Enemy

            Combatants,” 28 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (Spring 2008) 

2008Hon. Jeffrey S. Wolfe, “The Times They Are a Changin’:  A New Jurisprudence for         

           Social Security,” 29 J. Nat’l. Ass’n L. Jud. 515 (Fall 2009)

2009The topic for the 2009 Fellowship was “Ethics and Integrity in Administrative Adjudication:

           Issues and Solutions.”  No submissions were accepted for this topic

2010:  Professor Jill E. Family, “Murky Immigration Law and the Challenges Facing

            Immigration Removal and Benefits Adjudication,” 31 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 45

            (Spring 2011)

2011:  The topic for the 2011 Fellowship was “Cultural competence in Adjudication or

           Public feedback on agency hearings: Methods and Uses”  No submissions were

           accepted for this topic.

2012: Hon. Larry J. Craddock, “A Survey of Final Decision Authority Among  Central

           Panel States with Interpretative Analysis and Policy Implications,” 33 J. Nat’l Ass’n

           L. Jud. 471 (Fall 2013)

2013:  Professor Joanna Grisinger, “The Administrative Procedure Act and the Hearing

            Examiner,” 34 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (2014)

2014Hon. Elizabeth Figueroa, “Transparency in Administrative Courts:  From the

            Outside Looking In,” 35 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (Spring 2015)

2015:  Malcolm C. Rich and Alison C. Goldstein, “The Need for a Central Panel Approach

            to Administrative Adjudications:  Pros, Cons, and Selected Practices,” 39 J. Nat’l

            Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (2019)

2016Judith A. Parker, “How a Diverse Administrative Law Judge Field Fosters

           Longevity and Public Confidence,” 37 J. Nat’l Ass’n L. Jud. 1 (Spring 2017)

2017: Hon. Carrie Townsend Ingram, “Chevron Deference in the States,” 38 J. Nat’l Ass’n

          Admin. L. Jud. 1/Issue 2 (2018)

2018: No fellowship proposal was selected for 2018.

2019:  No Fellowship was announced for 2019.

2020Hon. Leslie Birnbaum, "Help-I Need Somebody!  Due Process and Administrative Hearings

            in the Time of Covid 19"

2021:  No Fellowship was announced for 2021.

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